May is National Physiotherapy Month

I feel really fortunate to be able to touch the lives of people around me in a positive and empowering way on a daily basis. Being a physiotherapist is the best job and life choice I could have ever asked for. Please join me in celebrating National Physiotherapy Month by being grateful for all the ways you can move and explore your surroundings.

Here is an inspiring video:

What can physiotherapy do about your jaw pain

In my practice I see lots of patients that suffer from jaw and face pain and they usually turn to their dentist for solutions. While this is an important step to make sure that the pain is not originating from a hidden dental issue, most patients find that there is no relief from pain. This little article explains the role of physiotherapy in treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunctions (jaw pain) and how your physiotherapist can actually collaborate with dentists and other health practitioners to ensure you get the care you need.