Physiotherapy is a combination of assessment, therapeutic and educational interventions that are targeted towards physical function and movement of the body. It can help treat and prevent conditions related to bones, muscles, joints and other soft tissues. The ultimate goal is to optimize the most basic human function: movement.

Personalized Physiotherapy

  • One-on-one visits to ensure you are getting all the attention and privacy you deserve.

  • 25 and 55 minutes appointments are available depending on your needs.

  • We set treatment goals together and all interventions are tailored to you.

What Happens During A Visit?

  • Discussion of current concerns and relevant health history.

  • Assessment of posture and movement in context of everyday life and physical activities.

  • Exploration of possible causes, patterns of movement, overuse or habits.

  • Setting feasible goals, clarification on what I can do do help and what your role is.

  • Majority of time spent on therapeutic interventions: hands-on modalities (massage, myofascial release, joint mobilization and other soft tissue mobilization).

  • Customized corrective exercise program and strategies to help you implement the results from your visit into daily life and create healthy habits.

How to Book an Appointment?

I offer physiotherapy services at Full Circle Collaborative Health Clinic, if you want to book an appointment you can call (587) 352-9199 or book online.

How Much Does It Cost?

25 Minutes


55 Minutes


Remember this is total treatment time spent with me, depending on your needs we can use this time for any therapeutic modality (assessment, manual techniques, education, exercises).

How To Prepare

  • Bring with you information related to past medical history or examinations (referral letters, X-Ray or ultrasound results).

  • Reflect on what your goals and expectations are.

  • You will remain fully clothed during the session, wear or bring with you comfortable clothes (t-shirt and stretchy pants are great).

  • Bring all your questions, I am happy to help.